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I liked this game a good deal! First, the character art is very well done and overall eye-catching. There's just so much to look at in each sprite! I like Pleione-her efforts to help her siblings were adorable. And the poems she made very sweet. 

I feel sorry for the two other moth girls. One's lover died, and the other never sees her kids. I'm sensing this is a pattern for them. :(

But very good! I look forward to your future works!

I really love this game so much, I also loved the character designs too!

Plus, I made a video:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

oh, and sorry all the names are all mythy things that are hard to figure out how to pronounce!  I'll make it easier next time I swear!

awe I seriously do like their names, but I'm just bad at pronouncing them. And okie, maybe you should add in nicknames for hard to pronounce names. That's just my opinion, though, cause that's what I did.

Really enjoyed cant wait to see more from you and all your friends who worked on this it was beautiful and it has been a long time since ive found a novel which made me want to play it from start to finish and the familiar was adorable. 

I'm sorry I just listened to the entire OST and it did not break any grounds near me


I'll just go ahead and post the last two episodes here if that's alright. I really did enjoy playing this game as I had a lot of fun!

Yeah sorry for not responding earlier, it's perfectly fine to post here!

Hey is it alright to post my last episode of the game here? I already posted a video about it here, but in the end I give out my thoughts and did ask a particular question. Or I could just message you about my thoughts and questions which works fine to me!

Wow. This game is very nice. Maybe it's a bit short... But I'd not call it a problem ;)

I like artstyle. All the characters' sprite are very great done - beautiful and very detailed. Even if all of them are rather unusual kind (races) of characters. Plus I like their personalities and stories. Music and backgrounds and CGs are very great too.

Very nice and original story. And about love ♥ 

what program/software did you use to make this game?

Sorry for the late response, we used ren'py for it!

So I finally got to playing your game and gotta say: it's very promising! I especially love how the characters are made as well as the story the game is about! Sorry about the intermittent screen flickers that took place, but I did figure out how to prevent that in the future!

My friend made this XD He said that's what her expression told him lol

I like the game so far. I like the art and music. I can't wait to play the rest of this game. I hope you enjoy this video, I made.

We're glad you're enjoying the game! Looking forward for part 3 of your playthrough ≧(´▽`)≦


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^-^b Well it's actually part 4.

The character design, CGs, and backgrounds are so gorgeous! ;o; I loved this so much! Even though it's short, I fell in love with each character immediately! Bravo~!

We finished it!!! What a cute ending!!! OwO I hope lots of people play it!!! <3

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed your LP!

This is such a beautiful game! We had so much fun playing the first half! :D Can't wait to finish it ^ - ^

Hello, friends! How to contact your team by email? :)

Oh, hrm, I guess we don't have our emails listed here. You can contact me at, Fomalhaut at,Teru at,and Nadi at I don't believe Nisu wants to make her email public, so nothing there. I've considered making a group email but that hasn't happened yet.